Why don’t Stop Bully ??

Please Respect It Has Taken Me A Lot of Courage to Place My Views… Thank-U

A”Bully” Can’t Understand What It Feels Like Begin “Bullied”. Only The Victim Goes Through bullyEmotional and Psychological Problems Which Can Only Be Understood By Him/Her. Millions of  Children Around The World  Are Bullied In Consequence they Knock on the Door Called as “Death”. I Have A Question for Those Bully’s Why Do You Bully Children?  What do you get by that? . According to Me Bullies Hit People  Who are Less-Powered People Just to Show How Strong They are or for Fun. I would Like to Say By Hitting You Don’t Become Strong U Become More Coward. I Creates Guilt Inside You. I was a Bullied Victim. I was Bullied In High-School For My Shortness. When I was Bullied I used to get Suicidal Thoughts Day and Night. I Never- Wished to Go to School I used to Make Some Reasons Of Not Going to School. Everywhere I Used to Go I used to have a fear of being Bullied. ( Not Now) I was not Open. I was Quiet. You can say I was Lost In a Lonely Dark Forest of “Fear” Where There Was No-One. My Confidence and My Openness toward People Gradually Decreased. My Mind was Engulfed  with all those Gruesome Words and Taunts Which were thrown on me. I Thought the Suicide Word Was An End to all this Pain . But I stopped and said ” No” This Life Was Granted Me for Not Pain and Suffer It was Granted to Me for Looking at Beautiful People and Adore Them. My Beautiful Family of 5 My Notorious Handful Friends. My Inspirational Teachers. I started Recalling all the Moments Which Gave Me Joy and Happiness. I Had My Goals Set In Life I didn’t want to destroy it for A Bunch of Bullies. I don’t want to End My Beautiful Life With Pain and Agony I want it End When I am Satisfied and Happy . With My Mind Set Whenever I was Bullied I  said to Myself If People Are Trying to Bring You Down It’s Only that I am Above them   “I Want My Voice to Echo In the World And Tell The Bullies

Your Skin Isn’t Paper Don’t Cut it 

Your Face Isn’t Mask Don’t Hide It

Your Size Isn’t a Book Don’t Judge It 

Your Life Isn’t A Movie  Don’t End It

“This is My Story of Escaping from Grave to Begin Brave “




Our Indian Society Has A Big Misconception About Arts. Many People Think People Who Are Intelligent They Opt For Science While Those People Who Are Bad At Academics and Just Want to Hold a Degree a For the Name Sake Opt for Arts. In Our Society Other People Opinion Matters First Than Personal. They Just Except that Everyone Should Become Engineer and  Doctor. People Think Arts has No Scope .. No High Pay.. The Jobs in this stream are Not Respectable But Let me Clarify The Doubt, Arts is Not Made for Dumb Kids Arts is Made for People Who are gifted with Creative Minds. People Who Love Exploring Different Culture. People Who are Innovative In Nature. People Who are Smart Go for Arts.  Now We come to Scope. There are Many Scope in Arts 

No-Nap Anti Drowsy Device

Many people around the world choose traveling as a  mind-stress free activity. We can choose our means of Travel Air,Rail,Ferry,Road etc. Many  people travel around the world and around the country as for Tourism,Outing,Business & Delivery purposes etc, As there are many means of transport mostly people choose road traveling as a option.The scenic beauty and natural surroundings are the main features enjoyed by the travelers.  People usually travel in day or night. Night Traveling is common and experienced and often seen in most of the countries. In the United States and other countries Night Traveling is common. Due to Night Traveling many unfortunate incident occur unexpectedly which cause damage and injures which leads to loss of life of many people and cause harm and damage, According to to the Annual Global Road Crash Statics,Nearly more than 1.3 million people die in the road crashes each year on average 3,287 deaths everyday. Average on 20-50 million disabled and injured. In a year 1206329 deaths occur. According to the WHO United States is ranked as 1 for the most cause of road accidents over 24475 deaths happen in the densely populated and remote areas.The death toll may even rise high. According to the local traffic controllers about 78% of the road accident deaths happen in the night time the cause is not because of night vision but it is because of the chances of the driver of being drowsy. The driver might get a drowsiness feeling due to lack of sleep and lack of concentration and because of that a accident is happened. It happens mainly due to lack of sleep and tiredness . This not only the issue for night but many Unfortunate incidents happen in the day for the same reason,  Road safety is first This should be the priority of all drivers to avoid accidents.

In India Pune Maharashtra Vivek.S.Bhatia popularly known for manufacturing No-nap an anti drowsy device (Fuel Saver India). Since 2004- Present He is manufacturing No-Nap In his own business company (Fuel Saver India) or (FSI) No Nap is an inexpensive automobile gadget with helps to prevent the driver from falling asleep at the wheel. This intelligent designed gadget is designed in such a way it has an alert buzzer i.e. when the driver is at a risk of dosing off it immediately alerts him/her co-passengers? No Nap is a light weighted gadget. It is active only by switching on the ON button and inactive while OFF button. When the gadget is on its active mode and when the driver head falls forward due to drowsiness It gives out a Beep sound that alerts the drivers concentration. It helps to prevent potential accidents. The alarm goes on the present angle and the angle can be varied according to the requirement. The gravity switch present inside the gadget keeps track of the position of the head The Alarming Angle is adjustable 15 to 20 degree. It weighs 13 gm. It is a gadget which is remarkable, For more information about the Anti-drowsy device gadget visit at the website:-http://www.thenonap.com and have a safe ride. Drive off the road with this device.

Poverty in India

      ” Poverty In India “

In India More than 1.200(B) People in Together. In Which 65% of people live in poor locality and 35% of people in Residential Areas. India has been Ranked No.23 Under the category of poor population. In India  Poor locality are seen often around the nation In rural as well as urban areas Poor locality have many various problems which they face everyday. Problems like Power-cuts,Water Shortage, Sanitation and Health Problems etc People in these regions not only face minor problems But have to even survive or face adverse conditions- 1) No financial support- Financial Support is a major problem that is faced by many poor locality People. Due to which Children are not given proper and basic Education But are forced to do work even at a minor age of 5 or 6 To support the financial conditions.Some are even forced to beg on the streets 2) Sanitation- Due to Financial Condition & illiteracy People choose themselves to live in filthy places Example:- Near Garbage Disposal Houses etc. Due to such circumstances they have to survive and earn a living there itself.No Supply of Clean Drinking Water and Clean Food would even affect their health as well as the surrounding in which they settle in would also worsen their condition. No Toilets are provided. Due to which it spoils the clean atmosphere and the spread of diseases is more than a Healthy Living. 3) Water Shortage and Power Cuts- A Poor Family has to also face these conditions  No Electricity leads to No Entertainment,No Cooking etc. Water Shortages give No Water To Drink Cook Wash Utensils Clothes Etc. These common problem arise every time. A Life Living in Poor Generation has to arise many Difficulties in Daily Life.

-The Government of India Has Improvised some amount of Its Economy to stabilize the poverty condition In India. Social awareness is spread through the medium of Television,Radio, Advertisement etc.They spread awareness of building Toilets and Let poor children be well educated for the future of Bright India.Through the Means of Donation By Some Specific Organizations & NGO’s Note:( Only Survey and Go through the Information of the Organization As some can be fraud and Use Money for other purposes. Some Organizations Use False Information) Government and Other Government Bodies Built Public Toilets etc.They Put their whole and soul to develop India

We Also Being as True Citizens of India Must ensure and co-operate with the Government and It is even our duty to help the poor citizens and Understand their circumstance and think if we were at their situation What would we do? We shall thereby not neglect their condition

Thanking You For Reading My 1st Written By Me  Blog,
Vijit Vivek Bhatia